Sing and perform together while you hone your skills

For all ages 

Join this all ages group for the chance to sing and perform regularly. 

MTC Variety Club is an initiative to give those who love to sing and enjoy musicals an opportunity to do so on a regular basis with other like-minded people. If you enjoy performing but don’t have time to be in a production, you can still take part in theatre activities and enjoy singing together accompanied by a piano.

Oftentimes we find that people can’t commit the time required to be part of the cast for a show. For many, rehearsing three times per week for several months, doesn’t fit into a busy schedule.

The group is for anyone of any age.

When: The 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month.
Time: 1:30-3pm
Where: Harlequin Theatre Foyer, Dixon Street, Masterton

A light afternoon tea is provided.

If you have any enquiries you can contact Deborah Percy 0211832508 or

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The Hardcase Hotel

Welcome to 1936 and the Hardcase Hotel; the last resort luxury hotel for the wild, weird and wacky rich who have been banned from the five-star hotels of Europe. Under the management of the flamboyant and indomitable Juan Carlos no guest is too difficult, and no situation is impossible. Until today. Today, a guest has been murdered, and with the Hotel cut off by flash flooding Juan Carlos is going to have to find out which of the oddball guests is the killer and why. Classic murder mystery served with a delicious twist of comedy!

Harlequin Theatre, 152 Dixon Street, Masterton


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Acting Antics

Acting Antics is a structured program that takes place over the course of the school holidays.

A group of children and work through the holiday to practice and then perform a play for their friends and family. 

This is a great way to introduce your children to the stage in one short block that lets them get a taste for being on stage. 

Send an email for more details. 



This membership is for those aged 18 years and under and costs just $20 annually.


This membership includes full voting rights as well as discounts on show tickets and costume hire.


As a member you have voting rights, 20% discounted tickets and discounted costume hire.


A family is considered 2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children. Extra children can be added. 


Carol - 0223235210 or Christine - 0273512879



137 Ngaumutawa Rd & 152 Dixon St