Sing, dance and perform together while you hone your skills 

For ages 16+

Join this all ages group for the chance to sing and perform regularly. 

Chorus is our newest offering which will launch later in the year. The intention is that people who enjoy performing but don’t have time to be in a production, can still take part in theatre activities and hone their skills. 

Oftentimes we find that people can’t commit the time required to be part of the cast for a show. For many, rehearsing three times per week for several months, doesn’t fit into a busy schedule. 

We’re excited to propose the idea of a Chorus group who meet less frequently, learn songs, practice performance skills and generally keep their hand in even though they can’t do a whole show. 

If you would be interested in being part of a regular group who meet outside of a typical production schedule, get in touch.

Looking for something else? 


New Theatre Concept | Open Meeting

Discussion and information evening open to all theatre members and interested members of the public who want to discuss concepts for a new theatre. 

Sunday 15th May, 2pm.

Majestic Theatre, 137 Ngaumutawa Road.

Acting Antics

Acting Antics is a structured program that takes place over the course of the school holidays.

A group of children and work through the holiday to practice and then perform a play for their friends and family. 

This is a great way to introduce your children to the stage in one short block that lets them get a taste for being on stage. 

Send an email for more details. 

Sing your heart out - dance your socks off

We have bootcamps every school holiday that run outside of Acting Antics. 

These are a great chance for your kids to spend a dedicated chunk of time working with their peers to develop their stage skills. 

Get in touch with us to register your interest for the next bootcamp as places fill up quickly.



This membership is for those aged 18 years and under and costs just $20 annually.


This membership includes full voting rights as well as discounts on show tickets and costume hire.


As a member you have voting rights, 20% discounted tickets and discounted costume hire.


A family is considered 2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children. Extra children can be added. 


06 377 3799 or 06 377 3535



137 Ngaumutawa Rd & 152 Dixon St