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We run a number of different productions and workshops throughout the year. 

theatre productions

The Book of Everything

January 14 – 16 & 17

This gritty, realistic and magical show, is about a young boys troubled life.
It is set post WWI in Amsterdam and relates the tale of a nine-year-old boy named Thomas who sees things no-one else can.


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Atomic 49

Free Performance January 22, 3pm

Our January holiday programme is now full. Well done to all our young thespians, we are going to have a fabulous production. The final performance is free to attend at Harlequin Theatre.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Pre-Auditions March 22
Auditions March 27 & 28
Majestic Theatre

Directed by Marilyn Bouzaid, along with Musical Director, Craig Thomson and Voice Coach, Andrea Thomson. The cast will be made up of 10 main adult characters, plus 2 youngsters.
It also includes an ensemble of varying ages.

Princess and the Pea

Pre-Auditions December 20, 4-6:30pm
Auditions January 30 & 31
Majestic Theatre

For young people aged 7 – 20, this show will be onstage in early April with rehearsals through Term One. All inquires for auditions, please contact Deborah Percy directly on deborah@actingantics.com.

The Drowning Girls

Auditions February 28

Bessie, Alice and Margaret have two things in common: they are married to George Joseph Smith, and they are dead. Surfacing from the bathtubs they were drowned in, the three breathless brides gather evidence against their womanising, murderous husband by reliving the shocking events leading up to their deaths.

Directed by Richard Brooks, 021 057 3920 or irbrooks45@gmail.com

Regular classes

Acting Antics

Acting Antics is a structured program that takes place over the course of the school holidays.

A group of children and work through the holiday to practice and then perform a play for their friends and family. 

This is a great way to introduce your children to the stage in one short block that lets them get a taste for being on stage. 

Send an email for more details. 

Sing your heart out - dance your socks off

We have bootcamps every school holiday that run outside of Acting Antics. 

These are a great chance for your kids to spend a dedicated chunk of time working with their peers to develop their stage skills. 

Get in touch with us to register your interest for the next bootcamp as places fill up quickly.

Looking for something else? 


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