Costume & Wardrobe 

We have a huge range of period costumes available to hire

Hire a costume 

Fancy putting on the ritz and looking swish at your next party? Why not hire one of our fantastic costumes. We have a large wardrobe that spans many different periods and themes in a range of sizes. We also have group costumes and our wardrobe mistresses will be able to help you find the perfect look and matching accessories. 

MATS Theatre 

 Gaiety Hall located at the rear of the Majestic Theatre.


Wednesday 1:30 – 4pm

Thursday 4 – 6pm

Saturday 10.30 – 12:30pm

Summer holidays: by appointment only until 7 February

To make an appointment call: 06 370 3313 or 0274075533


Audition Call!!

Auditions called for this Olivier Award-winning comedy and one of the West End’s longest running plays.

3 talented Actors of any gender or age required

All of Shakespeare’s plays in 97 minutes - a feat undertaken only by all the bravest, most skilled and arguably slightly mad actors.

This play will show your slapstick, physical theatre, comedic and improvisational talents.

A strange sense of humour will also help.

Scripts are available from St Patrick’s School office from 8.30 -3.30. Or contact Chris = 0273512879.

Auditions at Harlequin Theatre, Dixon Street, Masterton.

Sunday 8th October 4.00pm.

Director: Richard Brooks 0210573920

““The funniest show you are likely to see in your lifetime “ - Montreal Gazette

The Shicka Chickas

The Shicka Chickas - a tone in cheek vocal band are thrilled to announce a tour of "The Attenborough Season."
You got it! Songs about animals!
The varied repertoire and arrangements ensure something for everyone.
Yep - from our grungy version of Led Zep's Black Dog, to a lovely choral arrangement of The Beatles' Blackbird - we'll help you truly appreciate what vocals can do.
Our last little theatre tour was popular as heck with the people that came along - and that wasn't even about animals. It was about destinations... yawny yawn... I'm not serious - they were fabulous gigs!
We love utilising these theatre spaces - they're versatile - well maintained, loved and super good sonically. And that means you get to hear the subtleties of the arrangements. We might even tell you some secrets!

Came and see us? We love it when you do!
The Shicka Chickas

Murder Mystery

We all know that there is “No Business like show business”,

but when a new musical starts casting, the competiton is MURDER!

YOU are the Detective, listen carefully, put the clues together and solve


Saturday 28th October - 6pm

Saturday 18th November - 6pm

Tickets $50 (Meal and Entertainment)

Available from Club Wairarapa, Essex Street, Masterton

(06) 3700012

Acting Antics

Acting Antics is a structured program that takes place over the course of the school holidays.

A group of children and work through the holiday to practice and then perform a play for their friends and family. 

This is a great way to introduce your children to the stage in one short block that lets them get a taste for being on stage. 

Send an email for more details. 

Looking for something else? 


Carol - 0223235210 or Christine - 0273512879



137 Ngaumutawa Rd & 152 Dixon St